Online gaming as a phenomenon, its incredible popularity, and the abundance of websites that offer gambling online has resulted in a sharp increase in the number of people choosing to play poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots in their spare time. Indeed, it has never been easier to take a trip to the casino, or to reap its rewards. While many are able to frequent these bright, brilliant online casinos without issue, the lure of these addictive sites can often prove too much for some.

At, we are interested in exploring where online gambling loses its fun and becomes a serious problem. When does a hobby become an addiction, and what can be done to reverse the harmful effects of such an urge? exists in an effort to educate online gamers and those closest to them about the dangers of casinos and online gambling, as well as the symptoms of spiralling addiction. It is essential that those suffering from a gambling addiction are able to seek the help they need with confidence. You will discover a wealth of information and advice within the site’s pages.

About our founder

Maarit Korhonen founded in response to her husband Janne’s gambling addiction, a compulsion that had threatened to tear their quiet family life apart. At the height of his addiction, Janne had accounts with five online casinos and had wiped out the family’s savings. Beyond their financial difficulties, Janne had become distant, frequently missing opportunities to spend time with his wife and children in favour of playing one more game of slots. Maarit confronted her husband with suspicions of an affair, but never guessed the real reason Janne had become so secretive.

“If this site can help just one family like ours then I know it will have been worth it,” Maarit explains. You can read her full story on our ‘About Us’ page.

We hope that you will find a helpful resource, and that its advice will proffer strength and comfort if your family is struggling with the effects of addiction.